The Program

Starting winter 2020 Stoked Cubs will be launching a Female 3 on 3 hockey league here in Revelstoke BC.

Saturday Ice times 2:35pm

Monday Dryland 3pm-4pm at The Legion

Follow link above for sign up.

Register for $1 today! $150 for a 20 week program. Payment program options at sign up. If you have any concerns regarding payment please reach out!

Our Manifesto is to HAVE FUN. For girls to BE TOGETHER in a POSITIVE mindset encouraging to help each other, exploring, playing, laughing. Remembering we can start from anywhere while collecting all the experiences along the way. Always believe in yourself.

Playing 3 on 3 hockey has many benefits for the individual player skill development. Players will still learn the proper rules of a 5 on 5 game it will only be on a smaller scale (ice surface played).

Smaller team numbers will hopefully create more teams and diversity in the games. 3 on 3 ice surface space guarantees everyone will touch the puck. The players will be forced to keep there heads up in the play, making it faster and entertaining for everyone. Our number one goal is to give young females the opportunity to play hockey, have fun and participate in a team atmosphere.

Our goal is to have 1 ice time per week. We will inform parents which ice times will be the big ‘Game Days’ for the whole family to come and attend. There will be dryland practices once a week. The end goal would be to get the team together 2-3 times a week. This is all up for debate with the team and parents who sign up, I am completely open to making more or less depending on what we all collectivley agree on. I realize there are other sports in town and I am totally flexible. My only goal is to make a safe opportunity for girls to play hockey.

Dryland practices will be team development practices. Getting the girls to work together, be together, learn together. Practices will be collaborations with other sports, to give more opportunity for the girls to try other sports in a comfortable team environment. Soccer, baseball, yoga, lacrosse, volleyball, cross country skiing etc. all contribute to hand-eye coordination, balance and so much more.

I believe it is so important to build an atmosphere for these young women to get together, build relationships, play and most importantly have fun.